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About Love Reins Ranch

In 2018, Norm and Joanne Bonk, approached Adult and Teen Challenge BC to inquire if they would like to add horse assisted ministry to their Addictions recovery program in Lake Country.  Overwhelmingly YES!   They had just purchased property off McCoubrey Road and had a vision which included horses.  It was an answer to prayer and an open door to start Love Reins Ranch as an outreach to the community and a horse assisted ministry to the men at Adult and Teen Challenge.

Over the course of the next 16 months the property was prepared.  No buildings built, just clearing the land, building fences and paddocks and adding a few horses. We started very ‘organic’ in nature.  In early 2021, the kids started arriving.  1000 visits!  And then 1000 more in each year of 2022 – 2023.  The Lord has blessed us with favour reaching into the hearts of young people, families, and the men of Adult and teen challenge.

In the fall of 2023, the wildfire came through the property and destroyed the few structures we occupied, all the feed hay burnt, and many trees on the property.  The visual on the property has changed, but the vision the Lord placed in our hearts has not.  We will carry on with Love Reins Ranch.  The plan is to hire at least one horsemanship director that will oversee the ranch and all that goes on.  Hay will be stored in a sea can once obtained.  We would like to improve the landscape and create additional play space for the kids.  God is blessing lives as we share His love.  Love Reins Ranch offers the horse experience as ministry.  We do not offer public trail rides.  We offer life lessons, horse riding, outdoor experiences, and fun!

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Our Number One Rule?

HAVE FUN!! At Love Reins Ranch, we want everyone who visits to have a ton of fun. whether you're riding the horses, exploring the woods, playing in the playground, sitting around the campfire or practising archery... the rule is... you must have fun!

Safety is our priority

All riders will have completed a Waiver of Liability in accordance with Equine Insurance policy prior to mounting the horse. Equine approved helmets are provided, closed toe shoes mandatory. Riders under 18 – completed by parent or guardian. Riders over 18 – signed by adult.

Ranch Programs

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